Friday, July 17, 2009

Quote of the day

I was reading through this book on adoption that just has the most brilliant quotes: SO I have decided that I will post a quote from the book, every time I post. I will start a 'quote of the day'

"I don't believe that anyone who's been touched by adoption can find the words that fully describe it. How could one describe such marvel of humanity, such an improbable, incredible, complete miracle?
It's not that there's ambivalence. No its all good. Its always about love and always about a child.
Its more that adoption is so enormous and so amazing that it is almost incomprehensible. We may just be too small to talk about something so big.
And adoption does have its paradoxes, its ironies, its counter-intuitive, crazy logic: It can involve serpentine bureaucracies, but it brings about a perfect and sacred exchange. It is a promise, a vow, a contract even, but governed by love. It is a complete connection, often between very distant points. It transcends everything yet couldn't be more earthbound. It changes your life but starts with a phone call. It feels divine, but every participant is exceedingly human. It is profound but hilarious. Ridiculous, sublime."

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  1. LOVE the quote. Welcome to the blog community. Hoping you find it as supportive and encouraging as we have. Look forward to following your story!