Friday, July 3, 2009

Slowly but surely...

We finally had our phone orientation with Gladney on the 30th. We couldn't be more excited to get moving on all the paperwork. After the phone orientation, and going over the "manual" they give you, we need to officially request the 'real' adoption application. So of course we did that right away! but....the lady we need to send it to has an auto response that she is out of the office until the 7th. So hopefully when she gets back we will get the whole application packet right away! We have our references all notified to be expecting the paper work sometime next week. We have our Dr.'s appointments all scheduled too. We are determined to get all our paperwork done on a fast track, especially since the Mr. is leaving for Afghanistan soon:( For now we will enjoy our anniversary today:) and a great 4th of July weekend.

This weekend is bitter sweet for us, as we celebrate our anniversary, we are also both bummed that we aren't in Mass celebrating at the annual fourth of July parties with our families. It is such a fun filled holiday that our family celebrates and we wish we were there with them. We'll have to settle for a crowded French Quarter and fireworks on the Mississippi.

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