Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The whole Shabang!

Many have asked about the whole process, so I'll do my best to explain. First you choose an adoption agency, and what country you would like to adopt from. You then request preliminary information after submitting a questionnaire. You then need to schedule a phone orientation. Once you have done the phone orientation, you can formally request the adoption application by submitting yet another form. Once you receive your application, which consists of everything under the sun, you are on a mad scramble to get everything completed. The dossier can also be started on at this time. The application piece goes to the adoption agency, the dossier documents go to the government, and Ethiopia, and need to be original notarized documents. These also all need to be authenticated.....(overwhelmed yet?)
So once the adoption agency receives your completed application, they can schedule your home study. A social worker comes to your home and checks it out and interviews us about... I'd say everything under the sun! She then types out her report. Once we have all our paperwork in and approvals from the agency, FBI, and immigration... And we send everything off to Washington D.C. And they send it to Ethiopia. We can then finally be put on the waitlist:). We then wait..and wait...and wait for a referral!!!!! Once we receive our referral, we then have to wait AGAIN for a court date. Once we pass court in ET, we are then officially and legally the parents!!!!
We then will travel to Ethiopia a few weeks after for about 7 days to pick up our baby!
I think that's everything... Well maybe... It is a lot, and overwhelming, so I'm sure I forgot something.
It will truly all be so worth it in the end;)

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  1. "Auntie" GinnyJuly 16, 2009

    Oh Brenda! You guys are going to be such great parents! You already know how to make someone cry!