Friday, November 13, 2009

The Wait!

I admit I am not great at all
But I am great at stalking that fabulous "FBI" list.
We are around #14 on the list, requesting either gender, due to the abundance of families requesting a female!
So that leads me to think that the chances of receiving a boy is extremely high!
It is just crazy to think about our number on the "list" and that our child is most likely conceived half way around the world. SOOOOOOO Exciting!

Now the wait continues in all aspects of life....
The wait for this semester of grad school to be OVER

The wait for my husband to come home from Afghanistan!

And the wait for that life changing phone call with our referral!!!!


  1. I remember when my husband and I first saw the "FBI" list and saw all the people ahead of us requesting girls and we looked at each other and were both like, "okay, looks like we are having a boy." It was a fun moment and exciting to think about it! - Emily B.

  2. Congratulations on the waitlist! We have just been on there ourselves for about 4 weeks! Found your blog on the FBI and am excited to follow along on your journey!