Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mixed Up, Stirred, and Shaken!!!

I have completely mixed feelings about the news we just received today. The Ethiopian gov't is now requiring parents to travel and be present for the Court date. And then travel again 3-6 wks later to pick up your child(ren) and to attend your Embassy appt. So now we are required to travel twice instead of once. Which means double the cost of travel expenses. Not too happy about that!!! A positive thought is that we will be able to meet our baby a bit sooner than if we were required to pass court before traveling!! Which then brings on another not so pleasant thought....That once we have met our baby in person, we will have to leave him/her there and come back until we get our Embassy appointment and another travel date. All this while trying to finish grad school! We'll make it all work somehow:) Hoping this will help prevent unethical adoptions!!

What are everyone's thoughts on this new policy???