Friday, June 25, 2010

The Call

Let me start out by saying that I am completely drained right now, from the emotions of today and the heat and humidity here. IT IS GROSS! So if this turns into a whole bunch of rambling....Sorry.

I had pretty much written today off after 2pm rolled around, and my phone didn't ring. Although on Thursday night I was pretty hopeful, and even told Carl that it would be great if we got our "call" tomorrow, especially since he was in an awful training all week, he would have a great reason to have to leave in the middle of it!

So I watch a little boy T-Frank four days a week, and yes Fridays is one of them. I pick him up from Camp around 3, and I park my car and walk to get him (because i refuse to sit in the car pool line)! So I arrive a little early, and I start playing on my phone in the blistering heat and humidity to pass the time. (Literally sweat was dripping down my back). As 3:05 hit I opened the door to get out and my phone starts ringing!!!!!! I froze....I saw the number and my mind went completely mush. I answer the phone, and say Hello. Kristin says "Hi Brenda, its Kristin from Gladney". Believe me, She did not need to remind me who she was or where she was from!!!! ;) She told me our referral was ready and I just broke into tears. Standing on the street with my car door half open. I asked her if it was a boy or girl and how old (with Carls permission). A huge truck immediately drives by as she is answering my EVER so important questions! ARE YOU KIDDING ME:) I felt like such an idiot, so I apologized for the LOUD truck passing, and asked her to repeat. It's a boy and he's 4 months old!!!! I then had to explain where I was and what I was doing to Kristin. We agreed that I would call her back around 4, once I got a hold of Carl and met him at home. I must have looked like a freaking lunatic as I walked by all the car pool moms with tears flowing down my face and the teenage camp counselors just looked at me like I had ten heads. I quickly told them they were Tears of Joy!!!!!
We called Kristin back and saw our son and learned of his heart wrenching story!!! He is just adorable, with the biggest puppy dog eyes ever. We loved this baby before we ever saw him, but boy, Do I believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT now. The moment still feels surreal, and we are floating on the clouds!


-Beastie Boys


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


8 Months Waiting...and BEYOND ready for the phone to ring!!!!!!!

COME ON "817"