Thursday, August 5, 2010


We received a wonderful update from Gladney yesterday on our baby boy!!!!

"A" is one delightful little guy. He’s so easy-going and seems to be really observant, too. He rests so easily in the caregivers’ arms and lies contently on the floor as he plays with toys and chews on his fingers. But don’t let his easy-going manner fool you. He’s a hard worker, too. Joan Surfus, a recent Gladney volunteer, who is a pediatric occupational therapist, called "A" her “rockstar” and said that he is her example for where children his age should be developmentally. So, though "A's" laid back, he seems to be a driven little guy, too! "A’s" also observant and is concerned with what’s happening around him. Today, when one of his roommates starting crying next to him, "A", craned his neck around to see what was wrong with him. He seemed to have genuine concern in his face as he stared at his friend in distress. So, not only is "A" easy-going and hard-working, he’s also concerned for those in need. He’s the complete package!"

Our little 'Rockstar' is going to fit in perfectly with our family!!!!
We can't wait to get you home baby boy:)


  1. it's so great that Gladney gives such wonderful updates that let you see the character of your little one!

  2. Those updates are the best! It was so fun meeting your rockstar!!