Thursday, September 23, 2010

1 Week from today

1 week from today a decision will be made by the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Ethiopia (MOWA) with a favorable or unfavorable recommendation to proceed with our adoption. Of course we feel there is no reason why we wouldn't get a favorable decision, but we also realize that a lot will happen on this day. C's birth father must make it to court to relinquish his rights and confirm that he would like his son to be adopted. I can not imagine what an emotional day this will be for him. He will definitely be in our thoughts 1 week from today.

1 week from today we will find out if we can prepare to fly out on the 9th to meet our son.
1 week from today I will be a complete wreck waiting for my phone to ring with the news!

Our fingers will be crossed!!!!!!!


a little over two weeks from now, We will hopefully be holding our son for the first time and looking into these gorgeous eyes;)


  1. I will be thinking about you and know things will go well!

  2. One Week!!! I will be hoping for good news!!

  3. Thought of you tonight when I saw your sweet A's face while looking through ET pictures with my sister. Can't wait to hear good news in one week!